BAC Cooling Tower

Here at Tower Tech Services, we repair, maintain, and upgrade all brands and models of cooling towers.  And, of course, we work with all of the biggest names in the industry – including Evapco, Marley, and Baltimore Aircoil (BAC).

After all, our team has more than 100 years combined experience in the evaporative cooling industry.  Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of manufacturers get it right – and, sadly, a lot of manufacturers get it wrong.  Because we know that manufacturers are not all one-size-fits-all, we have spent time carefully selecting the manufacturers that we work with – and making sure they continue to meet our rigorous expectations.

  • There’s a lot of variety

In fact, BAC offers the widest assortment of evaporative heat rejection and thermal storage equipment in the industry.  Specifically, BAC has five different cooling tower product lines – the Series 3000, the Series 1500, the FXT, the PT2, and the Series V.  So whether you prefer something that’s got a cross- or counterflow configuration, a gravity or pressurized water distribution, or a small or large capacity, it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

And if you need some custom TLC – like special construction materials or a specific layout – BAC can create a cooler tower that meets your exact specifications.

Not totally sure what you need?  That’s where we come in!  Our team of experts will be happy to sit down and help you figure out which model (or which custom changes!) is perfect for your needs, your expectations, and your budget.

  •  It can withstand higher temperatures

Every single BAC cooling tower can handle entering water that’s as hot as 120°F, and some models can work with entering water all the way up to 140°F.  Either way, that’s better than most other cooling towers, and it’s much higher than most HVAC systems, which can only tolerate entering water that’s less than 95°F.

  • It’s state-of-the-art

BAC places a strong emphasis on research.  In fact, they have a comprehensive research and development facility – meaning that the BAC cooling tower you invest in today will still be considered top-notch tomorrow.  Just like us, they don’t just believe in meeting industry standards; they believe in exceeding them!

But there’s a huge network of companies who sell BAC cooling towers.  Why should you get yours from Tower Tech Services?

Because our relationship with you doesn’t end when your payment goes through.  Instead, that’s when our relationship really starts gaining steam!

Here at Tower Tech Services, we believe in being your one-stop cooling tower team.  Whether you need us to install your new BAC cooling tower, you need us to get a few replacement parts for your existing tower, or you need us to recommend a few cost-effective upgrades, we’re happy to help.  In fact, we even offer comprehensive maintenance plans that can provide your BAC cooling tower with 24/7 on-call service!

And just like BAC, Tower Tech Services is a member of the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI).  That means our experts are privy to the same research, continuing education, and problem-solving ideas that BAC’s are.  Plus, membership in the CTI is only available to the best and the brightest, so having both your equipment and your maintenance team with that distinction means you’ll end up with a cooling tower that doesn’t just run – but runs as efficiently as possible, so that your entire business can be as efficient as possible!

Another thing we have in common?  We both see a lot of repeat business!

People who choose BAC cooling towers typically choose them again and again – and people who choose Tower Tech Services to handle their maintenance, repairs, and upgrades typically choose us again and again!  If you’re looking to team up with the very best names in the business, you can’t do any better than Tower Tech Services and BAC.

Ready to see what a Tower Tech Services – BAC partnership can do for you?

Simply give us a call at 1-800-971-0031, or visit us in person at our Dallas or San Antonio locations.  No matter what kind of facility you have, we’ll get it running the way you’ve always dreamed of!