Imeco Cooling Tower

Tower Tech Service in Texas (TTSI) is a cooling tower contractor; this service is wholly dedicated for repairing, installing and upgrading cooling towers in the area of Texas and surroundings. TTSl works on fabricated cooling towers and field erect cooling towers that include all types of cooling tower materials such as fiberglass, steel and wood towers.

Tower Tech is experienced in cooling tower service and does all the efforts to satisfy the customers. It is a member of the Cooling Technology Institute CTI). Moreover, TTSI is bonded and licensed. It has hundred years of combined experience in this industry and has got much appreciation for the provided service.

It has expertise both in installation and repairing services and the skilled professional of the TTSI team is always available for your service.


TTSI sells parts of all models and brands of cooling tower that includes Aircoli, Marley, Evapco, Baltimore, and some others such as imeco cooling tower, all field erected towers, Tri Thermal cooling tower. Hence, you can get any required part of the cooling tower in this service. The names of the parts that are available TTSI service are given below.

  • Gear reducers
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Fill Material
  • Water distribution systems
  • Spray Nozzles and hot water basin
  • Air Inlet Louvers
  • Drive shafts, Fan shaft Bearings and Drive Couplings
  • Gear oil 
  • Lubrication
  • Electrical components
  • Fan belts
  • Fan bushings, Fan sheaves and Pulleys
  • Complete electrical controls

These above-mentioned parts are available in TTSI service. In addition to that, there are so many other parts in TTSI that can be required for cooling tower services.

Repairing service

TTSI is cooling tower contractor; that offers all kinds of works it includes installing and repairing. And the team of TTSI has expertise in repairing services. They are able to repair different types of cooling towers such as Baltimore Aircoli cooling tower, imeco cooling tower, Evapco cooling tower, Tri-Thermal Cooling tower, Ceramic cooling tower, Pritchard cooling tower and so many others.

If you want to extend the life of your cooling tower then go for repairing, it extends the life of cooling towers six to ten years. Moreover, you can get tax benefits for choosing the repairing service. 

What TTSI offers

The main purpose of the TTSI is to offer good service and to satisfy the customers. Anyone can choose them for cooling tower service since they are dedicated to the cooling tower service and they have wide experience in this field. They have skilled professionals who are trained for performing this task only. They do their work in a responsible and professional manner. It might be a replacement and repairing service, you will get professional and in-house service.

TTSI is specialized in cooling tower service and is known for offering efficient and fast service. Their professionals have expertise in both the repairing and installing service and take minimal time for both works without bothering you much. Moreover, their team is able to replace the coils, and if required, they can replace the entire section of the cooling tower.

TTSI also supports owners and mechanical contractors for installing, assembling, ripping and other aspects of the cooling tower installation. TTSI has also the expertise to install centrifugal separators and sand filters to main and clean condenser water loops and cooling towers. It can also upgrade the existing cooling tower to increase the capacity and efficiency and to extend the life and these services include motor and drive assembly, new fill material, and variations in nozzle and spray materials.

Maintenance packages

TTSI offers maintenance programs for maintaining the closed circuit fluid coolers and to improve cooling towers condition and the efficiency level. It provides both total and partials maintenance programs. All the TTSI offered programs have the following features.

  • Emergency call on standby for 365 days
  • Cleaning of cooling towers that include pumps and basins, it can be done semi-annually or annually
  • Lubrication for drive assemblies
  • Observing oil seals to find out any oil leakage
  • Verifying the drive assembly alignment
  • Monitoring the operational work of the cooling tower
  • Observing any water leakage from basins
  • Availability of rental cooling in case of failure 
  • Any other maintenance that is required by the owner or manufacturer 

For all the above services, one can contact TTSI to be benefited by their experience and expertise. The team of TTSI is always available to answer all your queries and to offer you the best service.