Liner and Coatings

If the interior of a cooling tower is leaking, rusting, or corroding, a liner can be installed to terminate corrosion and seal all leaks. This is a thick, flexible, elastomeric coating that coats the interior of the tower and remains pliable after installation. Remaining flexible allows a technician to enter the tower, tools to be used inside the tower, etc, without fear of cracking a hard shell coating and having the coating chip and flake out. Cold water basins, side casing panels, and hot water basins can all be coated to terminate corrosion, stop leaks, and extend the life of your cooling tower.

Leaking cooling towers can damage surrounding areas and roofs and incur excessive water usage and waste. A liner terminates leaking and prevents further rusting in the hot or cold water basins.

Additionally, epoxy coatings can be applied to any exterior area of the cooling tower to terminate rust and corrosion.