Hot Water Basins and Water Distribution Systems

Crossflow hot water basins often corrode and deteriorate, resulting in improper spray distribution over the fill material. This can worsen over time as the basins develop significant holes and the water begins to exert excessive force on a limited area of the fill below, causing the fill to sag and fall. Basin nozzles can also become clogged from rusted flakes of sheetmetal and piping from corroding systems and debris picked up in the condenser water system.

Hot water basins can be replaced with galvanized or stainless steel.

If the basins are still in suitable shape, a liner can be installed to terminate corrosion and rejuvenate the live of the basin.

Cast iron spray header systems in older Ceramic, concrete, and field erected counterflow tower can be replaced with more efficient spray distribution systems and nozzles. Older style spray nozzles with small orifices on spray distribution systems on counterflow towers can become clogged if a tower’s water treatment system is not adequately maintained, resulting in poor distribution. Nozzles or headers can be replaced or cleaned to return the system to proper operation.