Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is used to cool and circulate water, which is used in chemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems for cooling buildings. There are two types of cooling tower, open circuit cooling tower and closed circuit cooling tower. Both of the circuits are effective in cooling water, their mode of working is different.

Closed circuit cooling tower

In case of closed circuit cooling tower or dry air cooling tower, there is no contact between, the air and the fluid that is being cooled.

The closed circuit cooling tower system has two separate fluid circuits. In one the circuit, the fluid is recirculated outside the second circuit, where hot water is flowing through a bundle of tubes. The air which is drawn through this flowing water, provides evaporative cooling. This cooled water never makes any direct contact with the air. 

In the other circuit, there is a separate heat exchanger package and an open cooling tower. The fluid which remains on the hot side of the heat exchanger package also never makes any direct contact with the air. Thus, the heat exchanger can be put inside and keep protected from the outdoor elements. This also provides other kinds of system advantages. 

Services offered by Tower Tech Services

The Tower Tech Services team is solely dedicated to repairing, upgrading, installation of cooling towers, evaporative fluid coolers and evaporative condensers. Our team will work with you at every stage of cooling tower project. We will work with you in designing, planning and installing the closed circuit cooling tower, as we want to make sure that you get the best job at the best prices. Our company also offers the services like, cooling tower inspections, cooling tower optimization and upgrades. We even offer you the services involving temporary cooling tower.

Reconstruction and upgrading services

Tower Tech Services have a combined experience of over hundred years in this cooling tower industry. We have a qualified and experienced team of engineers and designing staffs, who will provide you the most cost effective solutions for any type of cooling tower designs. As our staffs have the experience of working on all sorts of models of cooling tower, they come up with the best solutions even for the most challenging designs. 

Our reconstruction and upgrading service include, mechanical equipment repair or upgrade, drift eliminator system replacement, fan deck repair and replacement, hot water basin repair and replacement, casing and louver replacement, complete cooling tower refurbishments, structural lumber replacement or rep air, thermal performance upgrades, crossflow and counterflow distribution systems and nozzles, etc. 

Repairing services

When there is some kind of damage in the cooling tower and it is off line, it is essential to get it repaired. The Tower Tech Services team will make sure to repair the damages in a fast and effective manner. In emergency situations our team can efficiently assess the situations and come up it perfect remedies. 

Thermal and structural evaluation

The program of thermal and structural evaluation is an important aspect of the performance of the cooling tower. We evaluate the base line to assess the present operating condition of your cooling tower. Our company will help you to monitor the performance of the cooling tower over time. 

Replacement parts and components

Tower Tech Services offers special facilities for replacing fiberglasses, fabrication and treatment of lumber. Our experienced staff ensures quality maintenance. We can replace coils or complete sections of your cooling tower. We will also assemble a package tower on-site in situations where cranes or helicopters are unavailable or infeasible. We even install, sand filters and centrifugal separators to maintain and clean cooling towers ad condenser water loops. 

We make sure to use products and components from vendors and manufacturers who maintain a very high standard of quality. Our experienced and qualified field personnel always provide a high level of service. 

We perform work on both field erected and factory fabricated cooling towers, like wood, fiberglass and steel towers. Our primary aim is to satisfy our customers. We believe that, the only reason behind our long term existence is that, we have been able to satisfy our customers. So, we have a strong base of return customers. Tech Services is a member of the Cooling Technology Institute or CTI. Our company is licensed and bonded.