Cooling Tower Repair

Climate control is extremely important in modern homes, especially in too hot or cold regions. In such regions, regulating climate in your home can be an energy intensive task. Due to this, an HVAC equipment features a wide range of technical components. When you want to maintain the system, and make sure the property consistently offers uninterrupted comfort, it’s important to consult a professional company for proper servicing and maintenance. 

Cooling tower is one of the most important aspects of cooling systems. It is important to understand that cooling towers are used in combination with high-end commercial chillers to take away unwanted heat generated by the system. A lot of components focus on proper extraction of heat in a modern cooling system. If the cooling tower ceases to function properly, you should hire a professional, experienced and reputed cooling tower repair company.


Overview of Cooling Towers

In simple terms, cooling towers are high-end devices that cool water in the HVAC equipment to extract heat and eject it into the room. Rejection of heat is possible through a simple process called evaporation, which occurs when water gets into direct contract with the tower’s air. When it comes to cooling, an HVAC equipment needs to be efficient. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, you need to expose maximum surface of the water to maximum airflow for a long period of time. 

It is worth mentioning that cooling towers working with water are designed and manufactured in two configurations. The first one is called counterflow cooling. The second one is called the crossflow cooling tower. These are only configurations. They indicate the direction of the tower’s airflow as compared to the direction of waterflow. 

While calculating the tower’s efficiency and heat rejection, these factors are considered to be very important. When you consider the crossflow kind, the airflow is perpendicular to waterflow. The primary reason is that water moves downward. The airflow enters the tower’s vertical faces and meets high quality fill material through which water flows downward due to gravity. 

Since the air flows past the tower’s fill materials and through water, it cools the water stream and lowers its temperature. In addition to this, it provides cooled water for a wide range of purposes, such as electricity generation or air conditioning. 


How are Cooling Tower Repairs Handled?

In case the cooling tower does not function properly, it is important to consult a qualified, reputed and experienced cooling tower repair service. You need to make sure the company is well versed with such repair jobs and makes sure your HVAC equipment functions properly. Here is how most companies work:

  • Inspection - Professional repairment and specialists always perform extensive physical inspection of the cooling tower. 
  • Analysis - Using advanced computer modeling allows a good company to enhance the capabilities of the cooling tower and make necessary repairs without experiencing any problems. 
  • Engineering - Most professional companies utilize the latest technology in the industry. This allows the company to identify perfect component integration to offer increased cooling capacity. 



  • Performance upgrade
  • Structure refurbishment
  • Gear reducer conversions
  • Crossflow to counterflow conversions
  • Hot water basic/Fan deck/Siding/Louber replacement
  • Wood to FRP conversion


Why Choose Professionals?

A professional cooling tower repair service always offers the best service to provide you with good results. Professionals aim to use latest techniques to minimize interruption in the equipment. A reputed company has years of experience and rich expertise in offering repair and maintenance services to keep the HVAC equipment in good condition. Such a company is familiar with all designs, manufactures, components and parts. 

A professional company aims to offer the best services at reasonable prices. It uses highest industry standards associated with safe work practices, job procedures and safety policies. Experienced and qualified technicians take care of all the tasks in the best possible manner. They receive training on a regular basis to keep themselves updated with latest technologies. 

Last but not the least, employees working in a professional company focus on on site supervision by well trained and experienced specialists. The project is finished in pre defined timelines. This makes sure your HVAC equipment is back to an excellent condition within a short period of time. These days, most companies have their websites, where you can easily schedule an appointment. Specialists visit your home and take care of the issues.