Rental Towers

Tower Tech Services offers cooling tower rentals from our fleet of rental cooling towers. These cooling towers can be used for chillers, heat exchangers, or other plant process loads.

We have towers as small as 100 tons up to 1,500+ tons and multiples thereof.  Flow rates as low as 300 to 6,000gpm+. We have both open cooling towers and closed circuit towers, and large plate/frame heat exchangers for closed loop or process applications.

Our cooling tower rentals come trailer mounted as a complete package.    This results in very minimal setup and installation time.    Towers are complete with full stand alone control systems and starter panels,  minimizing the need for various tie ins and interfacing  with building and plant systems.  Trailer mounted systems are always at the ready, ideal for an emergency use.

Cooling towers can be rented for small durations of time, such as for equipment replacements, planned shut downs, or emergency situations.    We also offer monthly rentals for extended durations and projects.

We also offer closed circuit fluid cooler rental for use on water source heat pump loop, air compressor cooling loop,  any closed loop process or any application requiring clean process water.

Rental towers can also be furnished with:

  • Circulating pumps. To circulate cooling water or condenser water between tower and chillers, heat exchangers, or plant loads.
  • Piping and hoses between tower, pumps, and the chiller or process load.
  • Makeup water hoses.
  • Installation and tie in services.
  • We maintain our rental cooling towers in Dallas and in San Antonio, suited for rapid response statewide.