Ceramic Cooling Tower

We, Tower Tech Services are one of the most formidable and prime cooling tower upgrade and repair contractor in the state of Texas. The Tower Tech Services organization is exclusively and full heartedly devoted to any kind of upgrade, installation or repair of the cooling towers including the evaporative condensers as well as the evaporative fluid coolers. We provide our extensive services to customers all around the state of Texas as well as all the surrounding regions. Tower Tech Services have experiences in the field of both factory made general cooling towers, steel cooling towers, ceramic cooling tower and field erected cooling towers, including wood, fiberglass, and steel towers and they provide their services in all these cases.

The Tower Tech Services has one simple goal and that is to satisfy the customers in all the ways we can. The employees are chosen specially and the service engineers and technicians keep in mind the customers’ requirements all the time while providing service or installation. The company is well regarded by the customers as customer friendly and that is a strong reason why we have a great base of returning customers. We use only the best tools and products from the market and our vendors are also regarded as the finest in the market. Every product that we use in service or installation jobs goes through extensive quality testing to ensure absolutely zero complaints from the customers. Our methods are safe for both the employees as well as the customers. Furthermore, Tower Tech Services always encourage the valuable feedbacks from the customers to enrich ourselves with new ideas and better ways to do our job. Additionally, we have over a hundred years of unmatched and valuable experience in the field of cooling tower and subsequent industry. We are a valued member of the CTI or Cooling Technology Institute and we are bonded and licensed by the organization. This makes us legitimate and trusted handlers of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning application handling.

Repair jobs and the parts supplied by Tower Tech Services:

We boast the fact of being among the best in industry in providing cooling tower repairing services. The repairing job is always encouraged as this usually expands the life of a factory made cooling tower to a minimum of six to ten years. This helps in the cost reduction in case the industry or the organization needs to change or replace the entire cooling tower. This repairing job also helps in reducing the capital investment and that subsequently reduces the amount of tax that needs to be paid by the company. By repairing, we provide repair job to almost every brand that make or produce cooling towers. Even the original equipment manufacturers encourage the customers to get the service job from us in case of any kind of emergency.

About the parts that we use while providing servicing and installation jobs, we provide only the best parts in the market. Tower Tech Services also furnishes the parts and components and we do it in a lower cost providing you with another reason to go for our services. The parts we purchase from the manufacturers and the vendors are made sure to pass through all the required quality testing. Below is a list of parts that we supply and use in our jobs.

Parts include:

  • The Gear Reducers from all the major suppliers in the industry
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Fill Material
  • The Air Inlet cellular & fiberglass Louvers
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Hot water basins
  • Spray headers and other systems used for water distribution
  • Shaft kits, which are primarily driven by belts
  • Bearings and bushings and the related hardware
  • Centrifugal and vane axial fan assemblies
  • Drive couplings and shafts
  • Bearing lubricating grease
  • Gear oil
  • All kinds of fan belts
  • Fan bushings, pulleys and sheaves
  • All kinds of structural panels
  • Oil level and vibration switches
  • Thermostats and basin heaters
  • All kinds of basic electrical water level control systems and their components

To get any kind of assistance regarding buying the parts from us and to have a quotation, just give a call to our customer service executives and they will be more than happy to assist you through all your quarries.

Replacement jobs:

Tower Tech Services does not only provide services regarding cooling towers, we also provide you with the necessary replacements of the parts or the entire assembly when required. Our employees and technicians are specialists in cooling towers and hiring us for your cooling tower requirements will do nothing less than giving you the extreme satisfaction regarding your cooling tower needs. We provide you the solutions entirely from our house, thus providing you with a single source for the solutions for all your problems. Our crew is specially trained to provide our clients a fast and reliable solution that will last long. The efficiency of our technicians and service men will ensure that you come to us for any future tower cooling related problems as well as referring our services to your peers and friends in the same industry.