Cooling Tower Rentals

Perhaps, saying that water is an important component of everyday living is an understatement. Water is definitely the most efficient way of dispelling unwanted heat in commercial and residential buildings, as well as in industries. This follows the fact that increase in population all over the world has ultimately forced industrial sectors to manufacture more and more products on a daily basis to meet the rising rates in human needs and requirements. This has in turn led to the need for extreme production procedures by factories and industrial sectors in general, thereby leading to excessive heat outcomes.

For all these procedures and technicalities, industries and commercial buildings use water to cool off their machinery processes and HVACs. With this in mind, a cooling tower becomes the most imperative piece of equipment in any industry that is targeting to eliminate heat while minimizing water usage.

We offer open and closed loop equipment, including closed circuit coolers and plate/frame heat exchangers for use on water source heat pump loops, plant process equipment, generators, air compressors, turbines, dynos, compressor stations, condensers, shell and tube heat exchangers, and engine test equipment.

The Need to Rent a Cooling Tower

With heat being just a by-product of the entire production process, many industries may not feel the need to permanently install cooling towers in their plants. Instead, they realize and acknowledge the need to hire appropriate cooling tower only when required. These supplemental cooling needs have been perfectly enhanced by the availability of cooling tower rentals that come with completely pre-packaged systems that are fully equipped for immediate deployment in any situation, for instance, during emergencies.

These cooling towers are available in different sizes to suit your industrial needs, complete with portable trailers, single point power connection, which include a vital circuit breaker, a regulated temperature control capacity, a fan with variable speed control and crucial water condenser with a perfectly working circulating pump. Again, the rapid manner in which a rental cooling tower can be connected to an existing industrial, manufacturing or commercial facility has significantly changed the way businesses operate.

Why Tower Tech Services?

True to our words, we draw upon a vast experience in the field of cooling tower industry and technology to provide you with extensive and superb cooling tower rental services that can appropriately work for you in any situation around the clock, any time of the day, throughout the year. Our extensive fleets of amazing and incredibly designed rental cooling towers are highly efficient for any emergency or normal cooling off.

Our professionally skilled and experienced cooling tower representatives are always in hand to ensure that the whole process is carried down smoothly and to avoid any costly down time that may be experienced due to negligence on the part of technicians. As a company, we are among the best if not the best provider of cooling tower rental services not only in Texas, but in the entire America South.

Experience Our Energy Efficient Cooling Towers and Other Amazing Features

As an experienced company and leader in the cooling tower industry, we realize the need for incorporating an energy efficient cooling tower in your plant so as to cut the unwanted costs of energy. We have a plethora of cooling towers ranging from 430 GPM to 3500 GPM per unit, as well as an unlimited combined cooling capacity so as to perfectly accommodate any layout that your project might demand.

Apart from being energy efficient, our technologically-advanced cooling towers are highly resistant to clogging, have low drift rates, can be quickly installed and are perfectly quiet.

Our Amazing Cooling Rental Services

By seeking our rental cooling tower services, you stand a chance of enjoying a host of amazing cooling tower services. Here are some of them.

Supplemental Cooling

We are always in hand to ensure that your productivity does not suffer as a result of limited capacity of your permanent cooling tower. We are well aware that many productions do suffer from limited cooling towers, especially during hot summers. That is why we are always in hand to provide an extra cooling tower that can perfectly work in parallel with your permanent cooling tower when needed.

Disaster Response

In the event of an emergency or untimely failure to your existing cooling tower, you can fully count on us to quickly respond with an effective cooling tower until your situation is rectified.

Surgical Cooling

You can count on us, day or night, to provide extra cooling towers to your plant not only to enhance better performance of your existing cooling tower, but also to address specific problems within your cooling system.

Increased Production

In the event that you are experiencing increase in production, which may overwhelm your cooling systems, you can count on us 100% to deliver an extra cooling tower to make up the difference.

To this end, seeking the services of any of our incredible cooling towers is a perfect opportunity of enjoying basically the best services as far as cooling tower rentals is concerned.